Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2015. Call for Applications.

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E’ possibile candidarsi per l’edizione 2015 dell’Amsterdam Fringe Festival (AFF) che si svolgerà nell’arco di tre giorni in piccoli teatri  e in spazi non convenzionali (anche all’esterno)nell’ambito del  Dutch Theatre Festival di Amsterdam (3-13 settembre 2015).

Sono ammesse candidature per performance, spettacoli di danza, multimediali, live art, teatro di prosa e teatro musicale (durata massima 60 minuti). Preferenza viene accordata a gruppi che non ricevono finanziamenti.


Per candidarsi è necessario compilare entro il 1 marzo 2015 un application form on line scaricabile al seguente link:

Per info: 



The Amsterdam Fringe Festival is based on the famous and successful Fringe Festival as they exist in, for example Edinburgh, Adelaide, New York and Grahamstown (SA).

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival (AFF) has an open application procedure where the following application criteria apply:

The festival organization takes care of the covering publicity, the festival frame, the workshops and coaching in the realization of the implementation of your production. Generally groups and venues (or sometimes the festival) sign a contract amongst each other. Income for both is on return base from box-office income. All performance prices will be adjusted and consist of set entrance prices and deduction prices (for students and special offers)
AFF makes the final decision on where shows are performed, how many performances there will be scheduled, performing dates and timeslots. This will be based on the preferences indicated on the application form.
The group is available during the festival from 3 – 13 September 2015.

Groups/Artists can apply for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival via the online application form, which must be fully completed. Incomplete forms will not be taken in. Applications will be accepted from the 1st of February till the 1st of March 2015. Additional information and materials can be send to the AFF till the 1st of March 2015 (see application form). Materials that have been send in will not be returned. When groups/artists are admitted they will receive an information pack and a form for all publicity material. The deadline for the publicity form is the 11th of june 2015.
The Amsterdam Fringe Festival focuses on the following disciplines in the performing arts: performance, dance, multi media, live art, theatre and music theatre. Distinctive about the AFF is that we do not accept Stand-Up Comedy. Many other Fringe Festivals do accept this genre, but the AFF in principle does not. The organization doesn’t set quality-determined guidelines and therefore is not responsible for the artistic quality of the particular performances within the Fringe. Because the Fringe is based on a competition model it is of absolute necessity that the artist/group work in a professional way. The organization has the right to aspire a programme which represents the offer of Dutch, Flemish and international theatre, and that reflects the wide diversity of theatre in the margin of established theatre. Preference goes out to groups/artists that don’t receive structural grants.
It is required from the participating groups, to take the responsibility in getting audiences, to actively promote their performance and to energetically try to get noticed. The deadline for the publicity form that will be sent to you on acceptance is the 2nd of june 2015.

The Fringe is meant for productions that are performed in alternative locations (inside and outside) in Amsterdam, and productions that are performed in smaller venues with a capacity of max. 150 visitors. The AFF encourages groups/artists to apply with their own alternative location and manage it themselves Groups/artists can give a preference of one of the regular Fringe locations. A fitting location will then be found together with the festival organisation.
Other than some other festivals, participating in the AFF doesn’t mean that we will produce your performance. The AFF produces the festival and presents your performance. Beware that this requires more from the group/ artist than the artistic development of the performance only. Execution of the production and promotion is also the group’s/ artist’s responsibility.
The groups/artist and the locations must note safety regulations. AFF can not be held responsible for injury, damage of loss of goods of the group / artist or venue.
Performances will ideally premier during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in the Netherlands and will be performed 3 or more days during the festival. In general AFF does not accept performances that are performed in the months July, August, September or October 2015 in or around Amsterdam.
The maximum duration of a performance is 60 minutes. The AFF programmes various performances at a location on the same night. Be aware that you have a short preparation time and that extensive stage settings and technical plans are not an option in the AFF. Please note that in theatres in the Netherlands you are required to bring your own technician to help set up and run the show. In most theatres a technician will be present to help with setting up the stage, but the show itself will have to be run by a technician provided by you.

After the announcement of the performances, that will be a part of the AFF 2015, an invitation for the Fringe Workshops at the end of April, the end of May and the middle of June will be send to the participating groups/artists. These workshops are aimed at the following features: finances/business matters, publicity, performance sales and internationalisation. Every year an international coach is appointed, that hosts a workshop for the groups/artists, is a part of the Fringe Jury and is there to answer questions. These workshops are aimed at the groups/artists and can help to realize a successful process in the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and therefore are obligatory. Non-attendance can mean exclusion from the festival. Of course, for performers that live outside the Netherlands, exceptions are made and excerpts of the workshops will be provided.
A Sneak Preview is a short live ‘trailer’ of max. 3 minutes of your performance. A Sneak Preview gives the audience an impression of your performance. The Sneak Previews will take place before and during the festival (for example Uitmarkt, Arts Market, Opening Festival and Fringe Sneak Saturday on september 5th 2015), during the opening of the Fringe and during the festival. We ask of participants to create a sneak of the performance and only with the right reasons an exclusion from the Sneak Shows will be accepted.

Participating in the Fringe is at own risk. You generate income through (a percentage of) the box-office.
All ticket prices will be determined by AFF. The duration of the performance is one of the factors for price decision. There will be a set full-price and a set reduction price (for reduction partnering cardholders and for special -AFF initiated- promotional offers).
AFF takes care of 6% VAT payment for each ticket sold. After tax AFF keeps €1,- per sold ticket to finance the box office system. The remaining amount is divided between group/ artist and venue/festival, respectively 80 and 20%.
AFF has the right to give out up to 5% of the total amount of tickets that can be sold for a show to professionals, such as programmers, press and jurymembers. Group/ artist will not receive income from these tickets.
If the the group/ artist wants to hand out free tickets on their behalf the group/ artist is required to purchase the tickets through the regular AFF box office themselves.
The application fee for the AFF (to be paid when admitted) is between €100,- and €200,- (excl 21% VAT) depending on the capacity of the venue. The festival will not provide for overnight lodging, meals or technical and production support. So it is imperative to take care of your own technician that can run the show and set up the show and look for funding for your travel costs and stay in Amsterdam. The AFF will provide assistance in finding affordable accommodation and always tries to make attractive deals with our partners that benefit artists. This is managed through the Arts Industry Office.

From the 11st of April 2015 there will be three different outcomes in the application process: accepted, waiting list and denied. Those who receive the outcome: waiting list, are considered as an alternative if performances are cancelled etc. There won’t be any correspondence about the outcome of the application process before this date.

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